When I was young, my mom had this one silk sheet that didn’t match any of our other sheets. It was cream colored & cool to the touch. I would take this sheet & clothes pins and create different outfits and looks with it by wrapping it around my body in various ways and pinning it. One day I was a gladiator, the next I was a all time favorite look was one that had pants on one side and a skirt on the other side. It was bad ass & I could never recreate it, no matter how hard I tried. 

Fast forward a couple years. My grandma was a seamstress and would take me shopping at expensive department stores that we couldn’t afford. She let me pick out whatever I wanted to try on.


Every outfit we liked, my grandma would take tracing paper out of her purse, turn the clothing inside out, and trace/make the pattern for it. We then went to a fabric store where she would let me pick out the fabric she used to sew the outfits for me. She taught me about mixing & matching patterns & fabrics from a young age. 

Fast forward to the 90’s where the best fashion happened. 

Fast forward to me working retail for 18 years, styling and merchandising for Gap & Urban Outfitters. 

But really I’m a single mom who works 2 jobs and trying to start a magazine in the little spare time I have left. Maybe I’m crazy. But dreams only work if you do. Or some inspiring shit.

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