Born and raised on the banks of a muddy river in Louisiana, my style draws heavily upon the things I saw as a child and life in the “dirty, gritty South”. When asked to define my work, I often describe it as dirty minimalism.

Having spent most of my early years moving from small towns in Louisiana and Mississippi, I developed a love for life on the road and the cultures that vary despite having only a few miles of separation between towns and regions.

When I was 12, my mother gave me two gifts: an acoustic guitar and a Nikon film camera. I’m not sure if she was attempting to tap into my budding creativity


or simply trying to keep my rebellious ass out of trouble, but either way I began shooting film and learning how to capture raw, semi-candid images that reflected the world as I saw it.

After several years in the military spent traveling the world and expanding my view of life in general, I settled down in Missouri and have made St. Louis my home for the last few years. I didn’t begin shooting lifestyle and fashion until around 2008, but I carried my love for raw, gritty “real life” imagery with me.

When I’m not shooting you can often find me with a book in one hand and a glass of Tennessee whiskey in the other.

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