St. Louis has been my home for my entire existence. I have always loved the character of the city, along with the history and architecture. While it may not be as exciting in the 21st century, I still find it quite amazing that the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers converge just north of our city. Possibly because I have always been fascinated by maps and geography.

While I have not been in the art world too long, I’ve always loved the cinema, music, short stories, and paintings. My favorite hobby is looking through old 4x6 snapshots of fleeting moments of my family history. I pay close attention to the color and style of the clothes, the hair, the glasses, the shoes…every detail in those photographs.


I have always paid extra attention to the little details. This is the foundation of why I photograph…..to leave behind my own shoebox of snapshots for others.

When I am not taking photographs, you can usually find me fishing, golfing, or at the movie theater. The older I’ve grown, the more I’ve began to appreciate and fall in love with the quiet moments. I like coffee, I have a record player, and I don’t care how that defines me in the internet dictionary.

I am so excited to be a part of this excellent team and look forward to working with them to create some interesting pieces for you, our lovely viewers, to see just how fascinating St. Louis, Missouri truly is.

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