The St. Louis area has been home to me my entire life, and now more specifically the Tower Grove neighborhood.  I enjoy leaving and taking my time exploring the world, but there is just something about this city that has a firm hold on me. 

I have been in the hospitality scene for well over a decade now.  Working jobs from busser, host, planner, caterer, cook, server, and manager. When it comes to the service industry I've done it all.  I didn't always think the service industry would be my path, but working alongside food and cocktails is just too good to leave.  


When I'm not working I enjoy dancing, volleyball, aerial arts, spending time with my partner and our cute dog daughter, and finding new ways to entertain myself around St. Louis.  My perfect retirement plan is to win Survivor or takeover for Alex Trebek as the host of Jeopardy.


When someone asks me what there is to do in St. Louis I never run out of answers.  So follow along and see where we will take you next!  

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