The Chocolate Pig


Sweet Sweet Swine

February is already here, and that means taking out that special someone for an evening of over indulgence to show your love.  Or getting your bestfriends together to support one another in singles love.  Either way this time of year lends itself to finding a cozy warm place to dive into decadence as we try and endure the ending months of winter.  The Chocolate Pig is the perfect new addition to St. Louis for this very occasion. 

Women love chocolate and men are pigs, wait no I mean men love bacon!  All stereotypes aside there couldn't be a better place to please any couple than The Chocolate Pig.  This new addition to the St. Louis food scene offers creative dishes on both the savory and sweet side, and sometimes combines the two.  We walked in on a Thursday evening with no reservation and were able to be seated right away.  We started with the Chicken Fried Brussels Sprouts and Fried Skins.  I am a huge fan of brussels sprouts and was very excited to try them in a new way.  They did not disappoint, as they came out hot, crispy and delicious.  The fried skins are a combination of fried pork skins and chicken skins.  This combination may seem peculiar, but the pork skins literally melt inside of your mouth, while the chicken skins provide a nice crispy chew in contrast.

The menu features dishes of comfort having options for anybody, including vegetarians! From pork chops to scallops The Chocolate Pig menu has many choices that appeal to everyone.  They even have a Bacon Flight!  Seriously y'all this place is doing things that haven't been done around here before.  I had the scallops for dinner and left nothing behind on my plate as they were seared to perfection and served with a wonderful butternut squash puree. 

After so much food for dinner we decided we definitely had room for dessert.  I may have a sweet tooth, so we ordered three!  First, The Candy Bar came out.  This take on the candy bar is filled with a delicious maple bacon ice cream, but can be substituted with a coconut bacon to make the dish vegan friendly.  The Candy Bar was creative and unlike desserts at any other restaurant.  The dessert menu here isn't filled with the usual afterthoughts you find at your average eatery.  Instead, each one peaks your interest as something new and exciting.  We partook in the Peanut Butter Bomb which includes beautiful table side service.  Arriving as a sphere of chocolate, a warm berry compote is poured over the top to melt away and expose the peanut butter crumble inside.  The flavors lived up to the dramatic presentation and is a must have for anyone visiting The Chocolate Pig. 

Lastly, we shared the Chocolate Pig Shake.  This boozy concoction was the perfect blend of the Chocolate Pig namesake.  Chocolate ice cream, chocolate covered bacon and bacon smoked salt combine to create the perfect sips to end the night.  Overall my experience at The Chocolate Pig was an A++.  I will definitely be back and recommend this as a must visit for everyone here in St. Louis.

-Ethan Sharp